Trenbolone Acetate Finaplix Raw Powder $4/g

Trenbolone Acetate Finaplix Raw Powder $4/g


Quick Details of Trenbolone Acetate Powder

Alias: Finaplix, Tren Ace, Finajet,Finaject
CAS: 10161-34-9
Melting point: 94.2~96.1 °C
Purity: 98.32%
Active Life:Ester dependant
Detection Time:5 months
Appearance: Yellow to pale yellow crystalline powder.

Powder and Semi-finished Oil Form of Tren Ace Are Available Here

As stated in the title, we are offering Trenbolone Acetate in raw powder form and semi-finished form. Please don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry if you have any interests

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