Mestanolone powder Price 1300USD/KG

Bodybuilding supplements Mestanolone powder Price 1300USD/KG


Quality testing : All the steroids only be tested in university and labs here before selling .
Assay: 98% min.
Forms to sale 1.raw Mestanolone steroids powder
2. oil based steroids injection .(ask us for details if any questions about dosage,etc)

Mestanolone is a steroid that has characteristics similar to those of DHT (dihydrotestosterone), but unlike DHT is orally bioavailable. mestanolone was the second most commonly used steroid by German athletes in decades past, who were among the best in the world largely because of widespread steroid use.

Methyl DHT cannot convert to estrogen, but it does bind strongly to SHBG which can displace estrogen into circulation possibly resulting in estrogenic side effects. mestanolone would therefore bind to the AR resulting in quite strong anabolism but it has not been determined scientifically if this is possible and what dose would achieve this effect.

Mestanolone is much more androgenic than anabolic and is decent at hardening up one’s physique.

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